Am I being Spammed

  • Hi,
    In the last 24 hours I have earnt 12 burstcoins. During that time I wactched it come top a couple of times. I usually earn around about 1000-2000 a day. I am running about 40TB HDD. There is definitely some thing wrong here. It happen a couple of weeks ago also when I was told I was being spammed along with plenty of others. and they said they had fixed it until the next time. If you fix things there should be no next time.

  • @johnnewman there was no fix for this, you cant fix something that is a part of coin. Namely if the spammer is willing to pay fees for transactions you cant really prevent him from doing this kind of stuff.

  • admin

    @johnnewman I guess you are pool mining, maybe your pool had a downtime?!

  • @LithStud there were no transactions. never sold anything, this has happened before when I was told by admin I had been spammed
    I always thought spamming was to do with email?