Lots of Deadlines but no reward :-(

  • Hi guys, started out 2 days ago and have been finding deadlines. No forging, just deadlines but have received no pool reward. Do I need to wait longer or is my current contribution so small it's not due any payback? Historic shares Total earned says: 40D + 0 and Reward says: 0.25. Any help appreciated. Would like to know before I scale up my number of plots. Thanks.

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    @Blofeld The 40D means you've earned 40 Burst - but they've not paid out yet - they'll pay out within 24 hours.

  • Ah right, 1 Deadline = 1 Burst. Thanks for clearing that up.

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    @Blofeld No, the D means deferred - earned, but not yet paid - it'll pay when you reach 300 Burst, or ~ 24 Hours.

  • @Blofeld You probably see something like this:
    historic shares: the last several rounds depending on the pool where you are. I think my stores up to 100
    orwell-1984/5.1TB/0.124%/1.07/174D /+ XXXXX
    orwell-1984: now this is the name of the miner it may be a number if you did not change yours!
    5.1TB: this is the size of plots you are mining with!
    0.124%: this is your current share from the last several blocks that much you would earn for your last several deadlines if the current block is won by the pool you are mining on!
    1.07: this number is how much would it be worth at the current block. I mean your share!
    174D: this is how much you did already earned but its not yet paid! But you will get it!
    XXXXX: and the last number is what you got paid already by the pool ! I put x-es because i dont want everybody to know! you can still check if you check the pool where im mining 🙂

    currentround shares: Your shares in the current round if your pool wins! it ads up with the historic ones!
    orwell-1984 12 days, 19 hours, 15 mins, 47 secs 0.031% 0.40
    orwell-1984: as in the historic shares.
    12 days, 19 hours, 15 mins, 47 secs: the time needed to mine your best deadline in the current round . If it passes and no block was found you won the block and mined it! Expect it to happen when your time is under 10 minutes 🙂 but average is some 4 minutes i believe
    0.031%: share of your current round only . It would ad up with historic one if the pool wins that block!
    0.40: your current rounds shares worth if you win.

    Its not the best but you should understand now whats going on with your miner and the pool 😉

  • Thank you all for the details - that's made it easier to understand. I appreciate your time and effort.