Helpful hints for all

  • Hey everyone,

    Just a few tips for everyone that I figured would be helpful since I had to learn this info the hard way.

    1. When plotting an SMR drive, get a 2TB Toshiba external drive and plot to that then just copy the plot to the larger SMR drive.

    This one trick alone increased my plot speed by 400% AND enabled me to parallel mine as well.

    1. Always make sure your Numeric Account ID is the ID set in the Xplotter config.

    It really sucks to plot 12TB to someone else's account.

    1. Always sequentially number your plots to prevent overlap.

    2. Quick Reference:
      1GB = 4096 nonces
      1TB = 4096000 nonces

    3. ALWAYS make a copy of your passphrases OFF your computer so you don't lose everything during a catastrophic HDD failure.

    Trust me, it sucks.

    1. Remember to reset your reward recipient everytime you switch pools.

    2. It is possible to mine to several different addresses on one computer but you need several different HDDs. Plot a drive or two for each seperate account then download Blagos miner. Create different folders for each account. Copy the version of the miner you need and the miner.conf and copy to each different account folder. Edit the miner.conf in each folder to only check the drives for whatever account the drives are assigned to. Make sure each account has its reward recipient set to the pool you designate in the associated miner.conf file for Blagos miner. Run each instance of Blagos miner from each different account folder. You are now mining to several accounts on one computer.

    More to come in the future!

  • @socal Thank you for the great tips, you are a wonderful resource for all things mining BURST.

  • Thank you and great reminders and tips!

  • @socal this kind of Toshiba?

    alt text

  • @pr0cesor exactly that kind of Toshiba