"Passphrase does not match reward recipient" , "requstProcessingTime" 27:

  • Good morning all, just a quick quesion...

    I have tried 2 different pools and both times, I got this error message.

    ("Passphrase does not match reward recipient" , "requstProcessingTime" 27:)

    I know I put in my passphrase correct both times.

    It is mining, but on bottom of the mining window I see no deadline. I am a newbie here but this does not seem right, any idea's?

  • @jstoner82 okay going to go through some basic questions did you setup the reward recipient right? is so did you wait for 4 full blocks to complete? You said you entered the passphrase correctly was that just to open your wallet??


  • This is on the Burst Client for Windows, I clicked on Start Mining, Chose the pool I wanted to join, over to the left, clicked Change next to Change Reward Assignment, On the next window I pasted the poolsreward assignment and in the top box I put in my passphrase that I use to login to the client.

  • If u are changing pools just wait few blocks, give it around 15 mn.