How to optimize 2TB and a 4TB harddrive?

  • Hello All,
    I have a 2 TB and a 4 TB harddrives that are plotted. I would like to optimize them. I don't have the same amount off harddrive space to use the normal optimizer. What can i do?. Thanks.

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    @jacobus1980 You can inital plot optimized with gpuPlotter (direct mode) or xplotter, once you have non optimized plots you will need additional space to optimize. So dpends on how big yopu plotfiles are, you will need to delete one, than use optimizer and once finished re-plot the rest.

  • Xplotter imho so far does the best job to directly create optimized plots, yes it's time consuming but. I don't know, I tried gpuPlotter with my gtx970 but it does not seems to create optimized plots. But I assume that's because I am using it also with my screen so I cannot really gpu plot and have the screen connected in the same time.

    Plotting and optimizing is a waste of time if u will have more storage. That's why I prefer to do it in one time at the cost of the CPU power limit.