Something I've noticed on GPU plotter

  • I have 32GB RAM and a RX480 8GB graphics card

    But when I try to utilize 4GB of VRAM I constantly get an invalid buffer range error in GpuPlotter. So I reduce it to 2GB of VRAM and it adds in 2GB of RAM in the device startup and then uses the 24GB of RAM for the writing.

    I'm no wizard at this stuff but I followed everything in the gpuplotter instructions that should allow me to use the 4GBs of VRAM-

    I was looking various things up on Invalid buffer range and there was some interesting posts on "other software" non cryptocoin forums - could there be an error in the program limiting the ability to not be able to get max_memory allocation size?

    And as a curious side note- why is it using 2GBs of CPU RAM as well?