Wallet update is wrong

  • A couple of weeks ago the payout on the wallet was super low Just 5 burst for two day running. When I inquired on the forum adim told me that I had been Spammed (I thought spam related only to Email) amongst many others and they had now fixed it and then mentioned "until next time"
    Yesterday I watched my self earn over 700 burst and was well near the top of the historic Block share. the wallet usually updates over night but this morning I find only 322 burst the day before was 1400 but the day before that was only 8 burst. Now something is definitely wrong here. I'm running around about 40 tb HDD and have usually been getting 1500 to over 2000 a day I''ve checked block332575 time stamp 2017-22:06:31 last night, block reward 2146 fee 36 burst. So what do I have to do to rectify this situation.

  • @johnnewman You can't do anything as it's not problem with your stuff but rather with network. You were mining on branch that lost to pool that won more blocks(probably to burst.ninja). It's partialy caused by network spamming (thousands of transactions) sent by Adam to promote another forum and synchronization problem between pools.