No Apparent Mining Success

  • Hi Guys.
    Could do with a little guidance and advice before I pull out what is left of my hair!

    Been attempting to mine for about a week now but to date no payments have been made into my wallet - There may be a good reason for this, but I can't find it so would appreciate some help.

    I am mining with 280GB over 2 disks, not much I know but wanted to test the water before investing in some bigger drives. I am seeing a lot of Confirmed Deadlines, which I think equate to payments, but nothing arrives in my wallet (with the exception of a few Burst from the faucets).

    I have been minig more or less contiuously for about 5 days and haven't switched pools in the last 4 days.

    On one occasion the Network Quality went down to Zero for about 3 hours. I re started the miner and all went back to normal. This morning when I checked my PC the miner had shut its self down completely but re started ok (no idea how long it was down). And on 2 occasions the wallet "Stopped Responding" and despite waiting for 2-3 hours it did not recover. Re started it and it worked ok.

    Sorry for the long post but I'm not sure if any of the above is relevant, or is it all working as it should and because my hard drive capacity is so small it is just taking a long time to reach any payout threshold? Or shoud i just buy a goldfish? 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.


  • @FatBurns Hi!

    What pool are you on and whats your burst adress?

    1. of all you should not be mining on different pools every days. Stick with one pool so you can accumulate eenough so it pays out!
    2. It could bee bad luck, because the whole thing you have to be lucky too. Depending on the pool you are in you will get more or less of the shares for a block or maybe your pool did not even win a block which means they cant pay you!
      Best would be maybe taking a screenshot of your miner so we can see whats going on!

  • @FatBurns said in No Apparent Mining Success:

    I am mining with 280GB

    That's a little light. If you are willing, I would increase that amount.

  • @FatBurns basic question what pool are you mining on. this will help in determining when you should be getting paid and also tells what kind of deadline that pool is set for.


  • Hi All.

    Thanks for your help.

    I am mining on and have been on that pool for about 4 days.

    My Burst address is BURST-6V5Z-VHUD-X7AS-9YQ6Z

    Screenshot of miner

    Looks a little light on the confirmed deadlines but other times there is a lot of green!

    Just noticed the Network Quality has dropped to 65% - Not sure what that means.

  • His pool is down I am contacting someone!

  • Meant to add, the 280 GB is just to try out the process before I invest in something a little larger.

  • Here's what I have learned very quickly-

    It's not about actually confirming a deadline that only matters it's the time of that deadline that matters as well. I looked at your confirmed deadline and it was 25days- that's going to only get you a very very very small piece of the pie in your mining pool. So to make bigger payouts you are going to need to have better deadlines. The only way to do that is to have more mining HDD space. Sometimes it's better to jump in a pool then to slowly creep in. Honestly times ticking every day and if you want a lot of coin you got to go big (or as big as you can) or it just isn't worth the time

  • The rewards for 280GB are almost inexistent. I personally used to mine with 4TB and was getting around 80 burst every 2-3 days.

    I was getting a few DLs per block has well. You might want to increase your mining capacity by a lot to start to see a decent income

  • Hi SilverSlonny and shbour

    That's just about the conclusion I was coming to. The idea that you can mine with "spare" hdd capacity is un true in any meaningful sense, but I wanted to test the principle before investing too much money into it. I really didn't expect to get rich from 280 GB but was just looking for confirmation of the principle.

    I suppose the question now is, is it better to spend money on buying drives, or to invest that money in buying (rather than mining) Burst?

  • @FatBurns consider trading assets or investing in a mining asset.. 230gb is very low to mine with .. 1tb + would be recommended for some spare burst as it does not harm pc or really boost electricity costs..
    the assets are really cool here.

  • @darindarin Thank you I willl look into that. I must admit though my urge is still to mine. Maybe a bit of the Hairy Hunter still inside...

  • Thank you so much for this thread.. I am a newbie and was wondering the same things. You have confirmed that I am doing things rights. I just need more HDD space. In the meantime I will continue to do what I have been doing until such time I can get more HDD space...