Block #332858 Weird

  • I am reluctant to report Blocks that do not look right, but.... here is a summary.

    	Block	                   Forged By	                 Our Best Miner
    club	332858	867G-VMLB-NBL9-C8S8W w/ D = 1 min, 26 secs	Bilbo w/ D = 2 mins, 28 secs
    ninja	332858	867G-VMLB-NBL9-C8S8W w/ D = 1 min, 26 secs	thatguy w/ D = 3 mins, 12 secs
    Explorer	#332858	Block Generation Time	3.83 minutes

    I was watching the Block on Club, 3 minutes or so went, the clock stopped, and I thought that's odd who is going to win it?

    Switched to ninja who had a less good deadline but again the time had passed, clock had stopped.

    A minute or so later the winner was declared with a Deadline of 1 Min 26 Sec

    OK I thought that makes sense, although not sure why it took so long. Checked in Block explorer and was surprised to find the time there was 3.83 Minutes.

    How on earth can you explain this? Yes it was Raining hard?

    I had always thought the Block Generation Time was the Deadline or are they two different things?


  • I'm curious that recently more and more post like this with some strange reports from payments and mining are written during the SPAM.
    Curious as well to read some comments

  • How did I not get this? It said I did in my Wallet then looked again and it had gone. This link still has me as Forging it. Any ideas? (7).png

  • admin

    @ccminer Your pool should have one a couple of blocks today, and the same thing happened, the DL was confirmed by the pool, but didn't win, another miner got them minutes later.

  • How can it happen? His time is a second worse.

  • @haitch let me guess .ninja won instead?

  • admin

    @ccminer One went to Adams gadget, the other went to Focus I believe.

  • @haitch indeed.
    I think that if we start to check all of this glitches when they happens we will find out a pattern!
    Probably I'm wrong, but I guess that now it start worth to be sure

  • I read all these posts and its always by the same few people who i have noticed have an issue with the guys at burstnation. interesting.