Transactions stuck again!!

  • I see the ante has been upped again and transactions are getting stuck again, so frustrating!!

  • @Bitdv Yes ridiculous I have had to put in a Fee of 6 to get stuff to go through.....

  • @RichBC Yeah doesnt help when fees are auto put in place have a withdrawal stuck from the casino , it will come thru but the poor guy has to wait and i dont want to slap a big withdrawal fee on a guy that had a little win and eat it up on him !!

  • i got multiple transaction's stuck for the last two hours ... been working fine all day with no issues then bang nothing is geting throu

  • admin

    Since 2 hours now you need to pay 6 Burst for an instant transaction.

  • makes it hard to buy / sell the asset exchange for profit 😞 i have little over 100k tied up in stuck transaction's on the asset exchange... they will go throu but still lol ... and i see trade's i want to make for small gain but not worth it if i gota put in a 7,8+ fee each time

  • @Gibsalot yep but they stepped the game up to 5 burst transaction fees, i know they are adding to the mining fee's, and yes advertising there position, which is cool in a free market, but new people coming in are going to be like crazy, cant do anything and that , they think they are doing everyone a favour but its clagging the system up and people will get the shits basically and move on!! yes this has already been test, it is know there needs to be a fix, so why keep bullying others that want to use the system, and forcing them to have to put high er fees on there transactions, some people are only moving minimal amounts of burst 5 or 10 , are they really trying to push the little guys out of Burst ..??

  • @Bitdv i dont personaly have an issue with them doing the rain and promoting the site, what i have an issue with is them doing it over and over in short time periods as well as uping the fee on the rain witch gives it priority over anyone who is not activly upping there fee's... if they would just do 1 rain at standard fee the traffic would spike ... sure things would back logg but it would filter throu fairly fast but i have seen a few times rain get sent a second or 3rd time befor even the first rain has processed throu.

  • @Gibsalot I agree totally mate