Forging a Block then not?

  • So I was at my PC and saw that I had a Deadline of 1m 21s so watched the time tick down and saw that I had been given the win. This would have been my 1st so was kinda happy about it. About 2mins later it is taken off my wallet and the pool website shows another miner got it with a worse deadline? Is this a glitch or something more serious?0_1488282615804_2017-02-28 (8).png 0_1488282622056_2017-02-28 (7).png 0_1488282742748_2017-02-28 (9).png

  • @TheMightySwordy this can happen if your pool server time is off by a few seconds. The winner for that block had a time of 1.37min ( 1min 22.2 seconds) You were very close, had it happen to me a few times also. When your pool said you had won the block it was according to its own data, when the data synced with the block-chain it updated the winner.