poloniex.com not receiving my bursts?

  • Hello there! I have made a total of 4 (probably lost) sent burst to my poloniex account.

    You can give it a try yourself:
    (IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED) >> On the webpage you can see a page called:

    And you can search (CTRL + F then type Burst)
    on the BURST line item >> Click Deposit
    Then your Burst Deposit ID shows up

    I AM ASSUMING this is what the receiving ID is... SO:

    I sent 3 burst to the Deposit ID
    and have sent 3 faucets to the POLONIEX Deposit ID
    No deposits have been successful so far!

    its been 3 days since the first attempt.. and today I just did a faucet to this ID.

    am I doing something wrong? please clarify me if this website is even reliable.
    And why are my sent burst getting lost....

    Thank you

  • I would try to use your own wallet ID instead of Poloniex's ID and see if you receive the coins. If you do then there's an issue with sending Burst from faucet to Poloniex, which means you should stop doing so and send them directly to your wallet.

  • Poloniex takes about 20 confirmations before you can see the money in your account, it also does a double transfer, making your 3 burst = 1 burst when it actually hits your account. It would be easier and better to withdraw the funds into your account before moving it all into Poloniex.

  • I had burst stuck on poloniex and it took over 2 weeks to get it. Never happened before but did happen.


    HOWEVER THE 1 BURST That i sent before (1 burst and 1 burst fee) never deposited

    I think the lesson here is never send 1 burst alone...????