How to calculate optimum deadline?

  • The question I have is as per title.
    How do I calculate what the best deadline time should be to put in my miner.conf file?
    I would rather know the formula than be given a direct answer for my setup as I am always adding more drives so this value would change over time.

  • I think you need to rephrase the question. The DL that you are putting into .conf file is the maximum DL that pool is accepting and it has nothing to do with the amount of TB you have in your rig. If you add more drives your chances to hit better DL will be bigger...but again is has nothing to do with the values in the .conf file.

  • IMO i would set it in the area of 7 day's , any deadlines worse than that will earn you next to nothing, but you want it long enough that on bad block's you still get to submit a DL.

  • Thanks for your replies.I only asked this question since I saw this chart on a pools main site.
    Why would they bother to do this if it doesn't make any difference?

    Target Deadlines 7.2.2017

    Set Your Target Deadline in Your miner.conf and increase chance to find WIN BLOCK.

    97802 TDL 35 TB Plots
    136923 25 TB
    342307 10 TB
    380341 9 TB
    400640 8,5 TB
    427883 8 TB
    489010 7 TB
    570511 6 TB
    684614 5 TB recommend you
    855767 4 TB
    1141023 3 TB
    1711534 2 TB
    2282045 1,5 TB
    3423068 1 TB
    6846136 0,5 TB