Bitcoin price up again

  • Why burst coin price get low when btc goes up. Is it to maintain same doller value? I think going up like that btc is not environmentally friendly. And I have a another question. If people with large sum of btc or burst coins die or forget about the account, will that make price go up because those coins never come in to the world. ? Just curious. May be lot of people are dead having bitcoin.

  • @sleepy It gets low because ppl dump Burst to get BTC when it rises. Once it goes down they will buy back their Burst thus creating pump in price 😛 Sure I agree that BTC isn't environmentally friendly but it's good overall that it goes up for everyone in crypto-world^^ Price won't go up because no one will ever know about this dead person/lost account and those coins are worth same as any other.

  • @sleepy Lost coins should in theory make the price fluctuate, as they reduce total supply ! I think it is estimated that between 2 and 3 million bitcoins have been lost since the beggining

  • Yes,, how many people die in the world every year, I think its a huge impact on decentralized system. If its centralized banks would get those I think if no one is there to claim. Is there a system to recycle those lost coins again after many years if not used.

  • The answer is very easy. Because one coin gets higher, you have to pay less of this coin for get the other coin.

    Coin 1: 30 bucks
    coin 2: 30 bucks
    --> You have to pay 1 (coin1) for 1 (coin2) and reverse
    now coin 1 increases
    coin 1: 60 bucks
    coin 2: 30 bucks
    -->You have to pay 0.5 (coin1) for 1 (coin2)
    and 2 (coin2) for 1 coin(1)
    coin 2^: 30 bucks

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