Open Letter to Burst Coin Devs

  • Dear Devs,

    I wish to pass on information that I feel will be good to the growth of Burst Coin.

    I think that adding BURST to the exchange would be a good move for the following reasons.

    1. Access to 7 base markets for trade. This is BTC, DOGE, DOT, FTC,LTC,UNO, and XMR
    2. Cryptopia offers an Arbitration information page that lists several major exchanges that Burstcoin already is listed on, including Bittrex, C-Cex, and Poloniex
    3. Cost is either just the listing for 1,000,000 DOT (0.23 BTC) or a listing package that includes listing, 1 month rewards slot, 2 months tipping slot, and 1 month featured currency for 1,400,000 DOT (0.32 BTC)

    On top of that, Cryptopia has over 320 different coins they trade, allowing an easy place for users to covert burst into one of the 7 base markets, then to any of the other alt-coins, or sell some of the lesser known alt-coins for Burst.

    As you can see, the cost is rather reasonable for what is being offered.

    Thank you for your time

  • admin

    If there is enough support here for this idea I'm willing to kick off a Crowdfund for that and contact cryptopia afterwards.

    I don't know much about this exchange, but maybe some people can elaborate if it's worth it.


    They delisted ETH: "Cryptopia believe in immutable blockchain technology, we believe that ETH forking their network to save the failures of a 3rd party software developer operating independently that ETH had nothing to do with sets an incredibly dangerous precedent and will likely open the floodgates to rollbacks for any reason."

    I want Burst on that exchange. x) Thanks for the heads-up @Valareos . Where do I find the information about listing fees?

  • @daWallet

    They are offering a lot of services that you dont see at other exchanges. They have their own marketplace where users can post wanted ads, auctions or things to sell. (they seem to have three Jewelry makers using the site to sell their goods!)

    They have their own pools as well, for those after the alt coins, where you just direct your pool to a single algorithm, then you can edit which coin you mine directly from the site.

    And they offer Term Deposits (lowest is a 3 month 0.5% compounded monthly for 100,000 DOT (.023 btc)

    What sells me on this exchange is they are not a fly by night, Website only exchange.

    Its a publically listed company in NZ, which means there are legal avenues if something goes wrong

  • I would definitely donate if a crowdfund is launched for that.

  • I'll donate some burst

  • this is a great exchange i use it alot, never had an issue with them all. also sell it only 500 sats so it is easy to turn anything in to a coin like burst.