bad bug in microsoft browser


    Beware using apps that use Microsoft browser engine such as wallet AIO mine was hijacked late last year i posted it on forum somewhere this explains it.

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    "Google has released details of a bug in Microsoft's browsing programs that would allow attackers to build websites that make the software crash."

    As the AIO is only accessing Burst Wallet (online and local) I see no problem of malicious code from third party websites.
    I am planning to move to another browser engine since months.

  • ........ yeah

  • If it is a genuine bug it is solely Microsoft's fault. It could be sued. As for this media release it could be fake. I have never verified the journalists credibility and wouldn't decide from 1 source. My point of this post is to offer encouragement to people to ensure they are actively using measures to protect their systems. Ever since I installed zonealarm firewall and Avira anti viral software I haven't had any problems. AVG is good too. Free stuff pans out better than Microsoft's built in stuff.