• over 2 week mining here no payment , nothing wrong with my mining all in good condition but why i am not getting any penny

    please attend in private

  • What is your address and if you are JN2A I've been warning you for the same amout of time. Your miner wasn't working to accumulate shares. How many plot files, sizes and paste each plot file numeric setup here too. I also tell you if you were still mining even today the pool was paying 1 coin every second. Before the pool payed everyone down to a single coin before I fixed the NIC cards

  • here is my wallet


    tell me the problem , if its my low size , so i can quickly plots the news drive i bought

  • Okay well the good news is you weren't JN2A.
    The other good news is you received this as your last payment 90.25 Burst BURST-GHTV-7ZP3-DY4B-FPBFA 2017-02-26 18:13:17

    The bad yeah you are right no payments since then.
    The good you are still mining but must of not mined earlier today cause you missed all those 1 coin payouts. Unfortunately you haven't reach the min payout of 80 coins but since now have lowered it. We still await a block to payout everyone and the server isp provider is the cause right now until they switchout their gear. I have had enough of them and will change however cross your fingers.

    feb 26 "accountId": "17932342355354316272",
    "17932342355354316272": 91.25406898541067,
    After payout of 91.25
    Running total of pending payout
    feb 27
    pending "17932342355354316272": 47.269999999999996,
    Feb 28
    pending "17932342355354316272": 57.75,
    Mar 1 as of 8:53 am
    pending "17932342355354316272": 57.95716935585954,