Jminer serverwallet problem bug.....HELP

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    i using Jminer and i hawe problem when i configure Jminer hi say serverwallet undefine....when i fix that same problem in on youtube....who help me i give 500 burstcoin

  • It's not a bug, u don't need to configure that. Just mine and ignore it.

  • but burtcoin is not coming in wallet.....i mining in pool fisrt after 3 days burstcoin com in wallet 72 burstcoin....then i mine in pool i dont resive bustcoin.....and finaly im swich on pool ...nothing.....and i forgot too say last time when i mine in pool i can see my ?

  • @Branislav When u switch pools u need also to reassign reward pool address. The communication walletServer undefined means that U didn't add the burst wallet server address to the jminer conf file hence since it's empty it's not being used and displayed as undefined.

    Like I said before u do not need that, because that option is only to retrieve the information about who won the block according to the wallet server. It only displays information from the wallet nothing more, u don't need that.

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    @Branislav You can configure 'walletServer' in file, but it may be that AIO client overwrites this setting (not sure @daWallet). So start jminer directly with run.bat from miner folder.
    And do not set devPool=true. Pool you are using is not devPool.

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  • @Branislav Its better to run Jminer from its folder and not from AIO, Modify and start it with "run.bat"
    You only need to set few lines:

    numericAccountId=<< *your numeric burst account number* >>
    poolServer=http://<<*your desired pool*:8124>>