I'm Goging to upgrade my Hashpower with genesis-mining.com Weekly!!!

  • Hello My Burst Family,

    I would like to start a group on Steemit&Forums.burst-team.us "Called HashUp."

    Here is my Your affiliate code is: 95xTKf

    Please send me your Code and I will use it in my weekly upgrade and in return you will use my code in your Weekly upgrade.

    Here is the link on SteemiT about this Post: https://steemit.com/genesis/@cessteemit1782/i-m-goging-to-upgrade-my-hashpower-with-genesis-mining-com-weekly

    The Reason why I'm doing this is because:

    1. Genesis Mining is the Best Cloud Mining around and Can be Trusted!
    2. I Believed in BitCoin and in The CryptoWorld! BitCoin is Here to Stay!
    3. I want to share what I spend on Genesis Mining and Have someone else benefit from it!
    4. I will use the funds Profit from my Hashpower on Genesis mining to buy Burst and SteemIT to help the coins grow overtime.

    Right Now I have 1TH of Bitcoin Life Time Mining with Genesis Mining! I Will Keep Posting my Weekly Upgrade on SteemiT&forums.Burst-team.us!

    Let's HashUp Together and get our Yearly goal?!
    My Year End Goal is: 15TH-20TH

    What is yours Current HashPower and Your Year End Goal?

    "Let's All Get In and HashUp."

    Happy Mining,


  • I hear that cloud mining will take 2 years to obtain the profit. Is that true?

  • @bandarfjb Not Really, all depends on the Price of BITCOIN Too. I Remember Join Genesis Mining about 9 Months ago and got me a 1TH for life time Bitcoin Mining for About $180~ and Already got back about $115...

    I Think they said it will take about 1.5 year to get even with Genesis Mining?! I could be wrong?! I'm just in it for the Daily Payments and where is Bitcoin is Heading in the Future!

    my Daily Payout with out 1TH right now is about 23k-30k sat..... I Know it's not much right now but someday maybe?

    We All know where BITCOIN is Going at the end of the year?! $3,000 per Bitcoin or maybe more?!

    Please let me know if your interested in joining, and send me your Code and I will use it to upgrade sometime next week and you will be part of my HashUp Group?!





  • How long do you expect for this to run? As I don't want to jump in and get burnt, seems like hash ocean all over again... And I got burnt badly there

  • @dagentlemang Never really joined Hashocean, But I heard about it though!!! Sorry to hear that! When it comes to investing it's always a risk! I Just hope Genesis Mining is around until BitCoin price is still going up and Staying up?! Plus it's good to have daily earnings into Bitcoin and flippin` it and into other Altcoins to make Profit!!! Like Burstcoin or Dash and Eth!

    Plus it's Fun being involved in CryptoWOrlD!!! Not So Boring... lol

    Happy Mining, ANd Bursting!!!

    Have A Good Day!