BOINC'ing for Burst

  • Hey all just wanted to share my latest shenanigan.

    Well since I am mainly Burst mining I have all this processor/GPU power going to waste so I set up BOINC which encompasses such programs as [email protected] etc to use my processor power to process research data and guess what? There's a altcoin for that™. You use one universal account across all projects in BOINC just go to each project you add's homepage and under teams search for and join the Gridcoin team then go and setup the Gridcoin wallet. When you are setting up your wallet make sure to type in the email address you registered with BOINC as this is your universal BOINC account for all projects. Once it's done syncing go to a faucet get some GRC and then go to help/debug info/console and then in the console type !Execute advertisebeacon. After awhile you should start to get GRC payments (you may have to get some extra GRC since it's combo PoS and PoW, the PoW being the research data processed for BOINC projects) then convert the GRC you earn for Burst on the exchange of your choice.

    Also there's a project (Bitcoin Utopia) that utilizes old Bitcoin USB ASICs to process the research data so you can even earn GRC (and vis a vis Burst) and help researchers with old Ant Miners or Block Erupters.

    Since I just set all this up I will test solo mining (which is different for GRC since you process research data so it still kinda works like pool mining does on a traditional altcoin, imagine a pool with just one miner so in essence solo pool mining but with a PoS factor as well) vs pool mining and if it's even profitable to begin with but who cares I'm still helping scientific research.

  • @socal Let us know how it goes...
    btw on your signature you have a wrong number in the 1Tb nonces xD
    1Tb = 1024Gb * 4096 = 4 194 304 nonces 😉

  • @gpedro lol good catch blame Blago the numbers came straight from him lol (he posted them in another thread dealing with xplotter)

  • @socal I don't believe he mystake himself lol
    he probably said that number to be easier to understand to someone since not all the time it has to be explained how nonces work... 😉

  • My Setup:

    1 OnePlus 3

    1 Samsung Galaxy S4

    2 Raspberry Pi 2s

    1 Intel i7-4710MQ CPU

    1 Nvidia GeForce 840M

    1 Intel Integrated Graphics Card

    2 Ant Miner U2s (only for the Bitcoin Utopia Project)

    3 Ant Miner U1s (only for the Bitcoin Utopia Project)

  • My Projects:

    The following is a list of the Projects that I contribute to.

    Gridcoin only pays out for research done on Projects that are on Gridcoin's Project Whitelist (available at the Gridcoin homepage) but an easy way to figure out if a Project will count towards Gridcoin earnings is look for the Gridcoin team on the Projects homepage. If the team doesn't exist then that Project isn't whitelisted and won't count.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    World Community Grid
    Bitcoin Utopia (Utilizes old Bitcoin USB ASICs)

  • Great idea with the signature about nounces. I will steal this sorry hahahahaha

  • @socal How well does the oneplus work?

  • @rapidfireman I average a few thousand points a day no idea what that translates to in GRC and then Burst though

  • WOW this is interesting stuff, albeit a bit techie for the Baglady, but it's cool to see new tech progress and problem solving through Crypto..

  • Oooooook so new update:

    I've been slogging through forums and guides the past few days and messing with the guts of my Raspberry Pi 2s via CLI trying to get the Bitcoin Utopia Project on BOINC to run on my RPi.

    Just making the tweaks to how USB devices are read by the RPi and changing BOINCs access permissions was the first challenge.

    Once I got everything setup and BOINC getting tasks my ASICs STILL weren't working therefore I was getting invalid tasks.

    Problem was the Hub. I'm still not Linux savvy enough to figure out why cgminer can't detect the ASICs if they are plugged into the hub but if I plug the Antminer U1s or U2s directly into the RPi they are detected and start submitting valid tasks.

    So now Bitcoin Utopia Project is running on BOINC on one of my Raspberry Pis awesome, time to set it up on the next one right? Wrong.

    I only have one USB keyboard/mouse and only one monitor so whenever I want to use a different RPi I have to unplug those devices from one RPi and plug them into another.

    After working on my second RPi for a bit I noticed my ASICs on the successfully setup and running RPi were cool and their activity lights weren't flashing so I checked my BU account and invalid tasks again, from what I can gather is that CGMiner (which is run by a BOINC wrapper) is crashing when I unplug my HDMI and causing the ASICs to stop working.

    I am currently researching using GNU Screen (which enables you to run processes within a “terminal tty instance”. This allows you to disconnect and reconnect the instance containing the process.) And the BOINC CLI client to create a persistent instance for BOINC (and via BOINC, CGMiner) to run. Wish me luck.

    If anyone has experience with CGMiner on Raspberry Pi please let me know if I'm on the right track and/or help me lol.

  • Yes yes I know I could just SSH instead of unplugging and plugging in my keyboard, mouse, and monitor Everytime I want to tweak one of my Raspberry Pis but if the the BOINC wrapper and CGMiner stop working because I'm unplugging my monitor it wouldn't help to SSH into the unconnected Raspberry Pis.

    This is why I am looking into using GNU Screen as a solution basically I am trying to run a headless CGMiner on a raspberry pi.

  • Well apparently I was off the mark (?)

    No idea but I think the Antminer/Raspberry Pi monstrosity I made is just finicky.

    All I did was a reboot and it's been successfully running headless with BOINC/CGMiner let's hope it stays that way.

    So nooooow I gotta look into setting up all my Raspberry Pis for remote access and I should be done.

  • OK so the Antminer/Raspberry Pi (AntPi?) Configuration I have is working albeit not well the Antminer U1s and U2s lock up every once in awhile and to get them running again I have to reseat them in their USB ports.

    No idea on a fix for this yet but I will be looking if it's possible later

  • Update:

    So just found out that Gridcoin doesn't have the Bitcoin Utopia Project whitelisted because of the massive BOINC points it generates but all the other projects I am running do count towards Gridcoin earnings