A new incomer (yet another !)

  • Hello everyone!

    So I was recently looking to a new coin to invest into and I felt into this Burst community and place. So far, I like the community and its clarity, although there seem to be a lot to learn!

    Burst looks different, I like the fact that one does not need much power to mine it.
    Also, I just like the fact that I can be part of this money birth since it is still not known and since the foundations are still being built! It is very exciting.

    So yep, I'm in !

    For now I haven't got lot of Burst except from a faucet which gives like 3 Burst every 2 days...
    So if any of you feel like giving me a bit of Burst to help me getting started and involved in all this, I would be grateful. Here's my Burst address :


    I tried to mine with my smartphone using the Android app, but it doesn't seem to be working for now (I'll post about it on the dedicated place).

    So thanks for reading and see you in the forum 😉

  • Welcome to Burst! 🙂

  • @socalguy Thanks!
    I see that someone already sent me 5 Burst. Is that you ? Thanks to whoever it is!

  • Welcome IamTraveler 🙂

  • admin

    @IamTraveler Welcome to the asylum!

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Welcome, you came to the right community. We are always willing to help with anything and answer all your questions or concerns. Thanks for joining.