Question on Plotting

  • Hi again.

    I am using wallet v0.3.9 and trying to plot my drive. When I begin, no matter how much of the drive I select, it instantly fills up the hard drive with that amount. So if I stop the plotter for whatever reason it acts as if it is fully complete i.e if I start with a blank 5TB drive and select plot and then stop after 10seconds it will use up all 5TB and mining will commence assuming everything went well.
    The problem is the plotter does not tell me what percentage of the plotting has been completed, only how many nonces.

  • admin

    @Lokken86 The plotter creates an empty file the size you told it, then fills it in - that can takes hours/days - just let it run to completion then start mining.

  • @haitch I've decided to switch to a gpu plotter. Had to turn off a gpu for eth mining but it tells me how far complete it is and plots at 30,000 per/s. Much better.

  • admin

    @Lokken86 But creates a non-optimized plot - if you're seeing that rate I assume you're running in buffered mode - so will take longer to mine. Your choice of a one off hit to get faster mining forever, or fast plotting but slower mining forever .......

  • @haitch Wasn't aware of this. How much would it effect me long term? It is on an AMD Fury pro.

  • admin

    @Lokken86 Can't give you an absolute number. You'll still mine in under the average 4 minutes, but on a really short deadline you might have the best deadline in your plot, but not mine it until after a worse DL wins the block.

    You can GPU plot in Direct mode, which does create an optimized plot, but in terms of info while plotting it's bad - it will plot the first stagger of nonces, then sit there not moving for hours while it creates the empty file, then it fills it in. It's like xplotter in that way, but xplotter instantly creates the file, GPU plotting it can take many hours to create the empty file.

    I used to GPU plot in direct mode, but now I solely use xplotter.

  • @haitch Think I might just see how it goes and use the optimiser after if it isn't working out. I'm planning on a new system anyway which may keep things tight as is.