Cannot connect to

  • I've been mining at for several days using creepMiner 1.4.6 on Ubuntu 16.04. For the most part, it's been problem free.

    Today, out of the blue, I've run into an issue where creepMiner will begin reading the drives at the beginning of each round, but no DLs are being submitted, and I'm not getting any winner info either. Additionally, the read process stops at 90% and stays there until the beginning of the next round.

    Looking in the log files, I found a couple of errors:

    04.03.2017 05:27:25 (12, src/Wallet.cpp, 54, Debug): Could not get last winner!
    04.03.2017 05:27:25 (12, src/Request.cpp, 46, Error): Error on sending request: Connection refused
    04.03.2017 05:27:25 (12, src/Request.cpp, 47, Error): Stackframe
    Miner::runGetLastWinner (in "src/MinerData.cpp", line 225)
    Wallet::getWinnerOfBlock (in "src/Wallet.cpp", line 30)
    Wallet::sendWalletRequest (in "src/Wallet.cpp", line 155)
    Request::send(Poco::Net::HTTPRequest&) (in "src/Request.cpp", line 35)
    04.03.2017 05:27:30 (8, src/Wallet.cpp, 83, Debug): Could not get name of account!

    I've tried pinging and even, but I get no response from either address.

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

  • @RatPatrol It might have something to do with @haitch new firewall.
    Can you access the web page of the pool?

  • admin

    @RatPatrol The IP's are not pingable - everything other than legitimate traffic is blocked. The pool is up and running, so not sure what your problem could be.

  • @rnahlawi I can access the pool's web page and watch the activity, and the miner does know when a new round starts as it will read drives with each new round.

    @haitch Good to know about the IPs being not pingable. I was beginning to wonder whether or not I wound up banned for some reason. 🙂

    I reverted back to creepMiner 1.4.3, and it's working fine again.