New innovative ideas for Burstcoin.

  • Hey I just wanted to show all of you my suggestions what Burst currently lacks or what would be a great feature to have. I personally don't know how much you can change a coin who is already out there. I just wanted to share some ideas and possibilities so you guys can see what I have been thinking about. Feel free to post your own ideas here!

    more privacy
    One thing why cryptocurrency (Bitcoin especially) got so big is because of the privacy. Now I am aware of the fact that you can "open a new account" and get a new Burst-Adress wihout anyone knowing who the account belongs to. But still I think that the Blockchain in general should be more private and there should be a way encrypt transaction that only the person which sent the Bursts and the person who recieved it should be able to see the transaction in detail. (ZCash has such a system I think).

    more marketing
    We gotta make sure that Burst gets the exposure it needs. We could try showing our Coin to organisations like greenpeace, I know its a small chance but when they get to see how much less energy Burst needs maybe they will give it a shot.

    Transaction in the future
    It should would be great if we could implement a little feature in the wallet which allows you to make a transaction but then set a date when it will be sent. Ofc the wallet must be running for that.

  • @theoneandonely said in New innovative ideas for Burstcoin.:

    Transaction in the future

    Re:privacy, you can use one time accounts for extra privacy.

    This is already possible, the feature is called a subscription.

    Re:marketing do you have a detailed marketing plan to achieve this?

  • All great ideas and in time I think BURST will be in the top 10 of Coinmarketcap if we all rally behind it. I just moved house and still unpacking so once I am done, I wills tart my youtube channel and already I am sending friends to BURST to buy Burst and assets.

  • @iKnow0 No I don't this is only an idea. This whole threads purpose is to gather ideas,

  • I don't think that we need more privacy. If you don't want ppl seeing what you are doing then you have lots of ways to do it and imo we shouldn't focus on it.
    With more marketing I kinda agree. Probably everyone that know about burst will agree that it's way undervalued and that it's great coin. See it as an opportunity and gather as much as possible cause price will blow up sooner or later. Basicly if you are in crypto then you are a winner already as every alive altcoin will grow with bitcoin.
    You can already create subscription with your payments^^
    What I would love to see is burst being able to handle more transactions per second but I believe ppl are already working on it^^