Microsoft OneDrive mapped as network drive for Burst mining

  • Has anyone tried mapping OneDrive as a network drive and mined Burst off of it? Good? Bad?

  • Bad. Huge traffic. Even if you have 1 Gbit/sec = 128Mbyte/sec => you can read 4 min * 128 Mb = 30 Gb per block

  • That does not sound good at all... Any idea if they are planning to increase performance anytime soon?

  • @Blago
    I don't what to point fingers, but you made 1 minor errors. It doesn't make the idea better, but they are nice to have included.

    1. You are only reading 0.025% of each plot.

    This means you are able to read 30/0.025% = 1200 GB (worth of plot) each block. But consider they are limiting max file size to 10 GB and your and their internet speed probably isn't 1Gb/s, just makes the idea worse.
    Edit: 1 error, not 2. Edit again.

  • admin

    @FrilledShark Let's say 100 Mbit/s internet speed is fast but reasonable. That makes 12,5 MB/second. A block time of 240s means 3 GB of the plot can be read.

    The plot size is 4096 times what is read each block, so the plot could be around 12 TB big with a 100Mbit connection.

    In Blago's case the limit would be 120 TB...

    BUT - No cloud provider would let you use so much traffic with full speed every 4 minutes. It's a waste of resources for all parties.

  • So, cloud mining Burst is pretty much out of the question then?

    @daWallet said:

    The plot size is 4096 times what is read each block, so the plot could be around 12 TB big with a 100Mbit connection.

    In Blago's case the limit would be 120 TB...

    I'm not sure if I am following here, if you are only able to read a fraction of the plot anyway, why do you say the limit is 12 or 120 TB?

  • Guess I should share lol
    I've been looking into this for over a year and just recently got it working.

    What I have learned is that Google Drive is the only one fast enough to actually work.
    Google gives you a free 15GB with your account. One of the largest free clouds.

    I am currently running 12 mapped network drives through google 15GB plot on each. 180GB total
    It only started to slow down after 10 drives were mapped. I have 25mb down and like 8mb up
    The upload to the cloud is the slowest part

    The trickiest part is registering multiple accounts without phone number verification. It looks like google got a little wiser just last night. They changed the registration process and got my last account.

    If anyone knows how to register mass or bulk gmail let me know

    This only works because its free... to buy any cloud space is far from efficient. Hard drives will always be cheaper

  • @Propagandalf
    When mining burst you only need to read 1 scoop out of 4096 each round. 1/4096 is ~0.025%, but you still need to have the whole plot in the cloud, because the scoop changes each round. This means you would need 4096 times the space of whatever you downloaded over the cloud.

    and yes. Cloud mining as in "mining in the cloud" is out of the question. You can still pay other to mine for you, so the term Cloud mining is still possible. (Like ordinary POW mining)

  • theoretically, may register 4096 google drives, each for 1 scoop. 15 Gb scoop_plot equivalent 60 Tb.
    but you need 18432 min for reading 15Gb (if 25 mb/s)

  • I will try to post a video of my setup including the 180GB google cloud split 12 accounts so far 15GB each. This will have to be when my next 15gb plot upload finishes. in about 6 hrs lol

  • @daWallet said:

    BUT - No cloud provider would let you use so much traffic with full speed every 4 minutes. It's a waste of resources for all parties.

    What about OneDrive Business, do you think they will allow such traffic? I already have an account through work, but have not tried it yet, and I also have a 100 Mbit/s internet connection.

  • admin

    Maybe for Business Customers they will be more tolerant. Check it out and tell us how it worked out.

  • @daWallet I will try it out sometime, but it won't be for a while. I will keep you posted!

    @ all of you: Thanks for clarifying things. I finally understand the link between scoop and plot now!

  • Ok here is my google drive set up. I have 13 google drives with each a 15gb plot file fully optimized. That is 195GB free...

    it reads in about 16 sec

  • Could you explain how you set this up and mapped them thanks

  • Its pretty simply just fill your cloud drive with the largest plot possible and fully optimized.

    Then I use a program called net drive. Net Drive allows you to map your google cloud drive as a network drive. From there you just specify your drives in your miners config.

    Happy Mining!

  • thanks for the reply I was just wondering if it is the same way on a mac. I have both mac and windows machines

  • admin

    We have some miners that may not be able to effort new/bigger drives.
    There are no big profits possible with cloud drives, as they only offer a few GB of storage. But it is enough to participate.
    If i think of thousands 'little' miners using cloud drives, this would be good for burst network i think.

    Sure additional bandwidth is needed, but some may have a flatrate anyway.
    With 1MB per sec. or ~10Mbit download and 60sec. time, it is possible to mine ~250GB ... some may even have ~100Mbit, and 120sec. would be quite ok, too.
    That would make 5TB possible. For every case, please make sure you do not pay in any way for traffic.

    Thanks @crutsy for showing your setup.

  • I finally managed to map OneDrive as a network drive, and plot a 7,5 GB file from the portable Burst client to a local disk. I then uploaded it to OneDrive, with speeds ranging from 16-20 Mbps, thus taking about an hour to transfer. Is it an option to plot directly to OneDrive and then optimize the file in OneDrive using a plot optimization tool?

    I tried downloading the file from OneDrive just to test the allocated bandwidth. I had speeds ranging from 30-70 Mbps, but it mostly stayed around 70 Mbps. I guess these figures may vary a bit from day to day, as I have only tested it today. Based on 70 Mbps and a round time of 240 seconds, I could have a maximum plot size of 8,4 TB.

    Obviously, my 100 Mbit connection is capped by OneDrive, but in theory I may be able to mine a few burst coins given that I am allowed to upload 8,4 TB of plots in my OneDrive business account, and given that I am not reported for abusing their service by using too much bandwidth or something like that.

    When I tried to run the miner I got an error message on the screen as shown here

    Is this error connected with opening the file through a network drive (OneDrive), and is it an error that I can ignore? My Burst ID is BURST-8P3Q-7AQT-L9VK-53LKT, so you can check it against Here is my log file

  • admin

    @Propagandalf From the log it certainly looks like you're NOT mining or submitting nonces. You'll need to get to the bottom of that error opening file.