Long story need advice

  • Try to keep this as short as possible.

    Wasn't even going to get into Burst mining however found a nice laptop for $50 with 500g of space.
    Laptop came with Windows 8.
    Plotted 200g and entered SoCalGuy pool.
    Ran for a little under 24 hours got 7 Burst.
    Decided to install Windows 10 on el cheapo pc.
    Wiped hard drive clean other than plots.
    Re down loaded Burst wallet Windows clinent.
    Realized that the plots on PC were assigned to account that I didn't save paraphrase for. From when I had Windows8.
    Erased plots
    Re plotted 400g under new wallet account number
    Started mining and got RED error deadline very bad files may be corrupt.
    Erased all plots again.
    Re plotted 400g in increments of 100g.
    Now when I enter SoCalGuy pool my miner will no start working at all.
    I enter other pools and the miner starts but never finds a deadline.

    Any advice? thanks

  • In the XPlotter file should my mining address be my personal wallet I used to make the plots or the address of the pool im mining in?

  • admin

    @Dillion your personal address

  • How come my address in that file was XXX-XX ? Shouldn't of been the wallet address I made the plots with?

    I changed it to my wallet address however miner still not working.

  • IDK what I did but finally getting some DL found sent and confirmed in lexitoshi.uk pool shhh weee from now on I know if its not broke don't touch it!!!! lol

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  • @Han-Solo Yes I'm looking now. I actually have another el Cheapo refurbished PC on the way from Ebay. It's coming with Windows 10 and a 2 TB drive. The external hard drives are just a bit pricey. I'd get the Toshiba for direct plotting and 1TB is about $50. I keep looking at refurbished 3tb SATA drives on Ebay for under $30. I'll be a hobbyist Burstcoin miner so not looking to drop a lot of coin into gear just yet.

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  • @Han-Solo Yes I have that room in the back of the house. I wasn't going to really get into Burst mining myself at all however I was pretty impressed with what I earned from my first test with a little 200g plot. Now I waiting on the Dell I ordered to get here it will be dedicated to Burst. Ordered it on the 1st and all they have done so far is create the shipping label. Should've been here yesterday,,,