Message for Mr. Adam Guerbuez... 2

  • As an owner of the Burst address: BURST-5XZ3-8NZD-GDTD-FPN6J, I am kindly asking You, (the Burst address: BURST-H22M-GQCY-MM5D-G3W8X owner [hereafter: Adam Guerbez] or
    any person in charge of the outgoing transactions and messaging) to stop any crypto curriency transactions and or messaging which includes any txt informations and or any
    exchange of any data with previously mentioned BurstCoin address: BURST-5XZ3-8NZD-GDTD-FPN6J. This is my second intervention against your "Rain" campaign and I would
    like to asure You that I don't want to be a part of any Project You personaly are envolved in.

    Regards, Indigo - The Owner Of: BURST-5XZ3-8NZD-GDTD-FPN6J.

    Thank You for Your Understanding.

  • @westcity he is NOT on this forum therefore is useless that your write letters to him here.

  • @dagentlemang I know, its just in case... Im sending it to the addresses he's using as well... Just getting sick of this ...

  • @westcity Good one, but only the stupid version of Adam will acknowledge reading your messages and I hope he in that version.

  • I personally think that it's best to send any grievances privately to any BURST individuals as people coming into BURST seeing all the negative stuff might get put off..Just looking at things from another angle.. We really need to try to get BURST where it belongs, up the top and focus more on the positive aspects collectively..Just a few bursts from the baglady..

  • @qibucks Yeah, you are actually right.
    And with that being said I'm out of here to. All the best.