RAID 0: is that OK?

  • Hi guys,
    I have just started experimenting with Burst and quite excited! Right now I am just using a 2TB external USB 3.0 hard disk I have here which I haven't used in months.

    To be a bit more serious on mining Burst, I am thinking about purchasing this bad guy here:

    Basically a 6TB RAID storage (it's basically 2x3TB hard disks). You can organize it in RAID 0 or 1.

    Is that a good setup to get me started with Burst mining?

    I could alternatively buy this HDD 3.5:
    and just stick it to my gaming rig.

    Would any of these two or maybe the external raid 0 is better?

    Thanks guys

  • @fcaldas Hi, I saw higher capacity box for half the price (16TB for 499$) on amazon.
    For the RAID, its good for data protection and recovery and even better speed on RAID 0.
    If this box intend to mine Burst, I mean ONLY mine Burst, I will not recommend RAID at all. use the drives separately. In RAID 0 mode, if one drive fails, you will replace it and replot the whole capacity again which take days to complete. without RAID you will only plot the replaced drive.

  • @rnahlawi
    And you won't gain speed of the raid, as the reading speed will be limited to each drive either way. All plots are read at the same time.

    IF you want speed, use a GPU miner or get faster drives. Speed isn't that important and I would recommend getting the best price pr TB instead.

  • @fcaldas there's no no benefit in raid0 for mining since you could read two usb3 disk in parallel anyway!
    Where I have been using raid0 however is, for plotting with the gpuplotter and then copying it over to some "problamatic" SMR drives! which worked perfect! So there is a use for them!

    SMR drives are perfect for mining but dont like our plotters!