didn't receive purchased casino assets yet

  • hi I purchased 9 burst casino assets yesterday & it removed the burst from my wallet right away but I still haven't received the assets. the transaction number is 11037967731304037237

  • I see your bid at 219.99999 for 9 assets. Is that the one your referring to? If so, then that bid wasnt high enough to buy any assets in the last two days. You should be able to see your pending bids on your "Open Orders" screen under Asset Exchange.

  • Oh nevermind, I did something weird and I see my transaction is stuck in the buy orders column for a really low price. I'm not sure how I did that, is there any way to cancel that buy order and get my burst back? the asset is selling for 391 and I have a buy order for 219 a piece lol... I didnt mean to do that, how do I cancel?

  • on the "Open Orders" page (under Assets Exchange), click Cancel to the right of your bid.

  • cool, thx hybrid