I am getting this error ever once in a while

  • Nonce was committed to pool, but not confirmed ... caused by connectionTimeout, currently '12 sec.' try increasing it!

    Is there anyway of fixing this thanks

  • Will this hurt me while mining

  • Ok, I found where to change this, but what would be a good setting for this

  • You are using opencl miner, right? I got the same error message a few times as well, but with a different seconds value. I do not know the fix or if it hinders mining, I'm hoping instead that someone else can answer.

  • admin

    Sometimes the pool is busy and doesn't respond, but this doesn't mean that the pool didn't get the deadline. (You can visually check at the pools webpage).

    It doesn't affect mining if it happens once in a while.

  • admin

    Just use the double value, to prevent getting this error/info.
    Sometimes pools are under heavy load and take quite a while to respond.
    Miner just tells you that they did not respond for 12sec. and that it will no longer wait for response.