dl '' not accepted by pool!

  • mining on burst.ninja I'm seeing "dl '....' not accepted by pool!" quite regularly in my logs. Maybe about 10 times a day.
    now, I would not mind this if it would't be that its my best or only dl for that block! And I dont see this happening on other pools!?

    anybody else seeing this??

    (and yes, I do realize that I'm a hypocrite! first shouting and then mining there again! I'm a sucker for profits anyway it seams!-( and I did change my miners name to "Shame on me" S.O.M)

  • @nixxda don't worry its still getting accepted in the pool, well most of them, for me those pop up a lot and I still look at the pool to see my deadline there anyways

  • I really dont want to win anymore!-( I just want to leach for some time! ....sigh.......

    0_1489599610489_upload-cdf25913-57c8-465d-ac9b-9ef951abacb0 13/03/2017 12:43:09 337698 2039 24.2 13/03/2017 12:58:37 866.7675659
    337783 2039 23 363.81352902
    337832 2039 81 388.61009124
    337901 2039 13 639.15398507
    337921 2039 24 319.3841375
    338038 2039 12 642.20828651
    338109 2039 3 313.0808784
    338214 2039 30 1096.14280689
    338240 2039 85 708.5853248
    338260 2039 20.5 413.72167865
    338321 2039 21 306.92893781
    338474 2039 32 1231.4735557
    338497 2039 15 306.48473642

    			Total		Total
    	26507	383.7	26890.7		15038.77705539
    					ninja vs Solo

  • admin

    @nixxda Well, i don't understand ... why mine on burst.ninja if you can mine solo? The pool is too much overpowered anyway ...

    Yes i also have not confirmed deadlines, it should not happen too often ... may be caused by corrupted plotfiles or read error ... i'm still not sure ... but seams other miners have that as well.
    You can try set debug=true to get detail info, if this happens. I replotted some of the affected plotfiles, but getting lazy on that lately ...

  • @luxe me to! lazy... and I think I have some corrupted plots! and I should redo all my 95Tb to get some Drive letters back anyway...

    about the ninja thing: I know I'm bad! but I sometimes get frustrated solomining if I dont find a block for a day or two! And ninja used to work pretty well income-wise! And off course I always get really lucky after I went there....! But its the last time! I go solo again after I leached some of my coins back!

    Turned "debug" on in the conf! forgot about it! maybe i can find out which one is/are the bad ones and spare myself some work!-)
    btw. 0.4.9 works nicely!