mining with android app on

  • Hello!

    I posted this on thread, but since it is an announcement thread, maybe not so much people will look at it, so I repost here... Feel free to move this to where appropriate if needed....

    I am trying to mine with my smartphone using the Android app (Burst Wallet version 2.1.2).
    How much can I expect to mine with 12 GB ?
    For now, I am mining in pool.

    There are 2 strange things that I noticed these last days on my Burst address :

    • it is the 2nd time my address sends automatically 1 Burst fee to the 'Burst4All Pool Main'. It seems to be a fee for receiving something but on the meantime I didn't gain anything... So I wonder what is going on ?

    • each time a bit after, I get this message :
      'You are most likely on a fork (You have forged the last 10 blocks).'
      What does this mean ?