It's been 3 months

  • cool, 3 months I come back, I see there's a new forum BurstNation, feels like its transaction are taking years like if you gave bitcoin transaction a 10k sat fee,

    What did I come into, why am I seeing someone who introduced me to the coin ( Adam ) trash it down?, I know there's no reason to complain here because he doesn't look here but What Happened?

    Where did all the friendly talk go? Now I'm seeing ( well I thought trusted ) members leave and scammed their community, such as @jervis I miss those days,

    well that's all I have to say, I guess BURST is changing right now, but it doesn't look like its for the better.

  • I have no idea why adam is trashing the coin, but this is just a little issue right now, the bigger issue is the wallet tbh it needs updating, what happened with @jervis ?

  • @Hect0r He used to be a long time friend, really chatty on the forums back in the day,

    now heard that he played the victim card and never came back.

    edit: grammar lol

  • @socalguy btw your pool is stuck right now.

  • @HiDevin I tried on my end but it would not get unstuck. Haitch will need to check it on his side.

  • @socalguy ah ok

  • @HiDevin Adam confuses me he promots the crap out of burst but at the same time he pushes the network to it's limits every day.. i get it he is using his rain to promote nation and its a realy smart way given all the wallets on exchanges like polo geting free burst and generating intrest... but why do it day in day out when you know it causes back log in the system and for those running wallets on comps with little ram it will crash and burn fast, causing more network issues with wallets going down and geting stuck. we need a fix for the issues . and then he can rain all he wants i like geting free burst even small amounts. as for the split and harsh works in the community that kind of started about 3 or 4 months ago and has just contenued to get worse ontell nation went live and then it was like a bomb went off complet split with a few members trying to keep peace but failing.

  • @Gibsalot this also confuses me. I was just over there and Focus posts proof that the pools aren't working (haitch's) however its moot. The pool code clearly needs updating and the wallet issues need to be fixed however... alt text you can't spam something THAT hard THAT fast and then claim its not your fault. It needs to stop until proper development can fix the issue..

  • @WHATSHENANIGANS after much debate and looking into what i can find.. i dont think the rain is not the cause of all the the issues other than the back log of un confirmed transaction's however i do think it is acting as a trigger for some underlying problums that are alredy there and is causing them to trigger much more offtain become much more noticeable because of the slow network. i think there are several things that needs to be addreses including some wallet issue's / pool code issues and transaction # / speed / size issues all of witch are centered on how to best deal with full block's / pending and back logged transaction's.

  • Bitcoin has basicly been running on full block's for forever seems like at most it's and inconvenience and you need to pay more to transact faster... from adam's perspective looking at the problum this way i agree with him. however Burst is not Bitcoin and treating the network like this shows just how Not ready for the main stream Burst is weather we want to admit it or not. and thats the real issue that needs looked at, he is going to rain no one is gona stop him from doing it.

  • @Gibsalot precisely I'm not saying the rain's shouldn't ever happen its just the network is not ready for them very clearly. If both parties are willing to move BURST forward the rains need to stop and developers and pool owners need to work to fix the issues with the backlogging