Deadlines, difficulty, etc

  • Hey guys.

    I'm mostly a lurker but I've been unable to find some information on this.
    Deadlines - I've read..

    However this doesn't explain what I was looking for. For example in general on say bitcoin afaik ( If I'm off please let me know).
    To prove you have mined a block you produce a hash that is less than the target. To make it more difficult the target has a difficulty which is basically some padded 0's to the front of it. Miners hash the block + a nonce ( some increment value) then check to see if they produced a value under the target hash.

    How are deadlines in burst related? i notice my plot files are just long binary strings of what i assume is hashes using some combination of current nonce and my ID created at plot time. How do these relate to deadlines? As in what is compared or read to create the deadline? On a related note I've not seen much mention of difficulty does this exist with BURST or is that built into the deadline system in someway?

    If I'm reading this correctly i understand we only read a small portion of the plot file each time however im still not sure what it's 'looking' for.

    thanks in advance for any answer

  • plots are a series of hashes, grouped in a nonce each has 4096 of them, when you mine some how not sure how it desides witch but it will scan every nonce you have ploted and if say the network said this block will use #55 it will check the hash #55 of every nonce and submit all that are under the pools deadline limit, winer is who ever submited lowest deadline... the hashes are linked to your numerical wallet address and i belive are direct results of hashing that number in various ways. in short each block round you only ever "scan" 1/4096 of the plotted area

  • @Gibsalot ah this clears some stuff up i also found... which ill have to go through next couple days i assume most of my questions can be answered there assuming the code is structured well.

  • AFAIK, The plot files have all 4096 scoops in them. The current block is identified to be using scoop xxx. So during scanning, your miner only looks at the nonces associated with scoop xxx. So you are only scanning 1/4096th of you total plot capacity.

    Also, your pre plotted info is combined with current block info to insure no one can premine. You have to start when the current block info is released.

    What I don't get is how the network adjusts to insure 360 block per day average, like you said BTC sets a lower limit to make it harder or easier to win a block. With Burst, the lowest DL wins, even if it is really big, so not sure how the self regulating 4min/block is accomplished.

  • @rds the only thing i can think is the regulation goal of 4 min is added into the current block info and is based on previous block's total network power some how

  • @Gibsalot said in Deadlines, difficulty, etc:

    @rds the only thing i can think is the regulation goal of 4 min is added into the current block info and is based on previous block's total network power some how

    With BTC you have to have the lowest hash and it has to be lower than xxx. XXX is periodically adjusted by the network protocol. AFAIK, with Burst, you only need the lowest DL. I'm sure there is an explanation, just never found what it was. And it must work because there is a page I see every once in awhile that posts the blocks in last 24 hours and it is always very near 360 (4min/block).

  • @rds Yes this is where i got hung up to. I have seen some blocks go longer but I can't seem to identify a mechanism that is effecting it it just seems random. I think the github repo i posted is the core code so ill go through it this week and see if I can figure it out from there.

  • @WHATSHENANIGANS any progress in checking github code?

  • @mrceebo-0 No sorry got super busy and hadn't gotten around to it. If you decide to dive in or find documentation I'd love to know as well

  • netDiff = (Burst block #0 BaseTarget) / baseTarget
    Burst block #0 BaseTarget = 18325193796
    so, netDiff = 18325193796 / baseTarget

    BaseTarget is passed from the getMininginfo call to keep block times at 4min.