Run Miner as a service(Windows Only!)

  • The Burst miner can be run as a windows service, that means no manual intervention is required to start every time.

    Step 1: Download NSSM from below page(Not sure if I can directly link, so linking to page)


    Click the above link to download the NSSM. The file name would be nssm-2.24(When I wrote this)

    Step 2: Now we are going to create a folder C:\NSSM and extract the files to this folder.
    Navigate to the path C:\NSSM\nssm-2.24\win64 in windows explorer

    Step 3: Right click the folder holding shift and select open command prompt here


    Type "nssm install" and press enter. If the program requests for administrator access, provide the same as it is required for creating a service.

    The below window opens


    In the path specify the path of the "miner-v1.160420.exe".
    This file is usually located in below path.

    C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\miner-burst-1.160420\ miner-v1.160420.exe

    The startup directory would be populated automatically.

    Note: If there are any new plots, they need to be updated in the Miner.conf. The easiest way is to just run "start mining" in Burst wallet application. In the window that appears, click "Start mining". It starts the miner. The miner can be stopped as soon as the miner window appears. The configuration file would be updated then.

    Provide a service name


    Click install service. It's done. You would get a message " Service "MinerX" installed successfully!

    Step 4: Start the service

    To start the service, Windows key+ R and enter "Services.msc" and press enter
    The services window opens. Find the MinerX service. Right click and start the service.
    Note: Before starting stop the miner if it is running.

    Note: The service would be set to start automatically everytime the computer is booted.


    Uninstalling the service

    If at any point you want to uninstall the service
    Navigate to the path C:\NSSM\nssm-2.24\win64 in windows explorer
    Right click the folder holding shift and select open command prompt here
    Type "NSSM remove MinerX" and press enter
    Confirm admin rights access and removal of service.

    Note: The only problem would be to view the statistics, which can be actually be viewed in the pool.

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  • Will we be earning burst thru this? Asking for clarification.

  • Never mind. I got it. It is just running the miner directly without doing it manually.

  • after boot system mining screen will pop up automatically ? no need to change reward receipt? no need to start mining manually?

  • I haven't done this specific set of instructions so I'll base my answer on the way typical Windows Servers work (I've written quite a few).

    1. You probably won't get a pop-up it runs in the background and should not be visible on the screen.
    2. You only set reward receipt once, no need to do it again unless you switch pools
    3. If you set the service to "start automatically" you connect as soon as the computer boots it will start mining, doesn't matter who is logged in or if anyone is logged in at all.

    Additional Info:
    you can always check under Windows Control Panel->Services and the service should say "Started". You can also check http://<pool address> to make sure shares are being submitted to validate everything is running as expected.



  • I use task schedule manager in windows and silently mine at work. How different is your program?