Burst Nation Asset Exchange

  • Hey guys,
    As you may or may not know, I launched my Asset called Elite over on this site and it has been relatively successful. So Ithought I would expand my audience and head over to Burst Nation and post my asset on their exchange as well.
    But every time I try and post, after waiting ages for my post to be approved I find out that Mister Burst is deleting my asset post every time I try and post it. He also will not reply to my messages when I ask him why he deleting them, and it even says he has seen the messages.
    I also went ahead and messaged a few other burst nation admins, including @crowetic, and even though I still haven't got a response I still wanted to post here to see if anyone has had the same problem or if anyone can help me regarding this.
    I also know that previously my mate @Luke1219 posted over there, and his post was approved and is still there now.
    I have tried posting 3 times now still with no success. Seems like Burst Nation is not a great place to be.

  • @cjellis245 maybe he saw your post on these forums, and was like nope, THOUGHT U WAS
    LOL xD

  • I post here and there too, it is accepted even not pinned yet.

  • @cjellis245 I was banned from burstnation the other day too, the only place that will have me is this wonderfull forum 🙂

    Their is alot of censorship associated with burstnation now that anyone would know to stay a distance from it, here is a good place, awesome admins who are down to earth, from what ive seen from the burstnation admins is another story.

    Dont take it to heart that they wouldent accept your asset, they banned me after I posted mine and I guess im just a ne0phyte to them, to but your clearly not, they just dont like this forum I guess.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @croydan1 Well, they have fat little bastard although he's from Canada^^ Man if only I had Photoshop installed... guess it's high time to buy it :v

  • I am so sorry you could not get it listed there..no idea why you can't have it there and here. I will check out your asset again.

  • @Hyzi0 check pixlr.com it's like a photoshop online version