200-500 burst per day down to 19??

  • Hi I'm mining on pool.burstcoin.eu with 8.2TB. For the past week I have been bringing in about 200-500 burst per day, and everyday within a couple hours after the pool pays me it is already back up to like 45 again... but now today I have made 19 burst wtf. It said I had 17d when I went to work for 3 hours and came back to see it's at 19d! Nothing has changed on my end, and I know that the pool has had problems getting stuck and frozen, but when it is actually running I should be making a hell of a lot more than 2 burst in 3 hours when mining with 8.2tb... Does anyone have any idea why this is happening to me? Im still pretty new to mining, but I know enough that nothing is different on my end, and I know 19 is waaaay less than 200+.

  • The pool is having problems, the best person to ask is @haitch as he runs that pool along with others.

    Ive been getting a usual amount, but with the recent downtime and more and forks it has dropped I think, Ill check now brb

    Edit : I havent had a payout today, but the ones I got yesterday as are normal, I guess just wait it out sir and see what happens.

  • burst coin , is at his bad time , the project leaders are not confidents , everything getting worse among themselves .

    its a pity i just bought some 20 tb

  • @cashgold Dont worry about it, it will sort itself out, plus what a great investment, id rather just buy burst atm then when it hits a higher price just start mining 🙂

  • admin

    @Blastbeats In addition to the 22 deferred, you were also paid out 105 Burst today. There were pool problems overnight, so it'll be down on a regular day, but looks to be in line with what you've previously received. Also, looks like you had a great day on Saturday, thanks to the "rain"