Rapids 3D Print and Miscellaneous Shop

  • Hello everyone,
    Many of you may have seen my pre-announcement, but now I am ready to start selling items.
    In the very near future I will be adding many more items.

    To briefly explain this shop, I am selling 3D printed items I have printed myself,
    and also miscellaneous items as described by the title.
    The miscellaneous items are things I don't need and that somebody else might want.

    List of items (3D Prints are not available right now)
    (3D prints are available in a translucent white, green, black, and red. Feel free to choose a color or for fun let me surprise you.)
    Cookie cutters:

    • Burst logo $2.50
    • Bitcoin logo $2.50
    • Dog $2.50
    • Pikachu $2.25
    • Christmas tree $2.25
    • Star $2.25

    If you would like a custom cutter or even a stamp let me know and I will create it for you.
    The price will be determined after designing.
    You can also send me your own file with the model and I can do that too.
    Again, the price will be determined after I look at the file.

    Elephant phone holder $3 (Have not been tested on tablets, but work like a charm on any phone.)


    • Engraved with text of your choice $1
    • Popping out text with text of your choice $1

    A look at the currently available items

    alt text

    Miscellaneous Items

    • Too be added soon

    Sorry if this ruins anyone's plans, but shipping is only going to be to US residents. This may change later but that's how it will be for now.
    The price will be given once the order is finalized and the required method of shipping is determined.

  • I would order but the postage to the uk would be hellishly expensive, however this is a good idea !

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  • bumparoo

  • How much you think shipping would be on a burst logo?

  • @Roses The cookie cutters could be a good addiction for your shop megz ;P

  • @Roses Should be about $3

  • @rapidfireman said in Rapids 3D Print and Miscellaneous Shop:

    @Roses Should be about $3

    If it weighs not many ounces I think USPS first class could be half or less cost.

  • @MikeMike I was basing off a shipment to los angeles just so I don't underdo it but it should be $3 or less then.

  • I am closing the 3D print part of the shop now but I will be adding more "miscellaneous items" as soon as I get the chance. I am also setting up a store on openbazaar which I will share. Escrow will also be possible on openbazaar once I get enough bitcoin to cover the shipping costs before the escrow is released.

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