[ANN] NewMiner

  • Today I announce NewMiner. A Burstcoin mining asset.

    Asset Name: NewMiner
    Asset ID: 8776870561463226621
    Burstcoin Wallet ID: BURST-GR4B-6YJZ-R82G-6MB25
    Liquidation Wallet ID: BURST-3AJG-QNCQ-NFR9-EYJ8K
    Assets: 5,000,000
    Initial Release: 250,000k Shares
    Asset Release Date: 3/6/2017
    My Age: 34

    I am happy to announce my mining based asset NewMiner. This asset will mainly be backed by mining power but a small portion will be reinvested into trading and lending, as well as other assets on the Burst AE. The idea of this asset is that the more shares sold the bigger it gets, plus the drives I add myself. The better this asset does the more I will put into it out of my own pocket. I did a lot of math on this and can break it down. First of all asset issues will be as followed.

    • A total of 5,000,000 Assets will be available to allow for further expansion allowing approximately 167TB of potential mining power at today's prices. (This is for future-proofing, an estimated
      1,000,000 shares will actually be sold)
    • Initial release: 250,000 shares sold @ 10 Burst per share.
    • Each release will be in increments of 250,000 shares.
    • Price per share will be determined at the time of each release.

    Asset sales breakdown.

    • 90% Of the asset will be sold and of that 100% will go directly into mining power (HDD's).
    • 90% Will go to invest in mining power(Disk Drives) and nothing else. Any additional hardware like hubs, surge protectors, etc. will be covered by myself.
    • 10% Will be kept for myself.

    Asset dividend breakdown.

    • 75% Goes to investors.
    • 15% Goes to reinvesting. (This will be allocated to trading various coins, investing in other Burst assets or other profitable investments) *This will go back to investing in more mining hardware
      (HDD's) in the event all shares are sold).
    • 10% will be allocated to fees, maintenance, promotions and or bonuses.

    Initial hardware purchase after first release of 250,000 shares.

    • 250,000 shares x 10 Burst = 2,500,000 Burst.
    • 2,500,000 Burst to USD = roughly $5128.90 USD.
    • $5128.90 USD = roughly 205.156TB.

    Current hardware.

    • Intel Core i7-4770 CPU 3.50GHz overclocked to 4.40GHz
    • 16GB DDR3
    • Drives: 1 1TB HDD MINING, 4 x 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub(STEL8000100) MINING, 1 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub(STEL8000100) PLOTTING

    Mining status.

    *33TB mining, 8TB plotting.

    Dividend Payouts.

    • Any dividends will be paid every Monday.
      *The 10% fee will be waived for now.
      *No percentage will be reinvested.
      *100% will go to investors as we establish the asset.

    In the event the asset closes.

    • 100% of the drives purchased with funds from asset sales will first be offered to investors as payment, any drives left will be sold off and distributed among shareholders accordingly. Any remaining balances will be paid in Burst.

    • 100% of any remaining Burst in the Asset/Mining wallet will be distributed among shareholders accordingly.

    I should mention I plan on investing my own money into drives as well as buying shares. Any question are welcome.

    I am 34 years old

    Thanks, Newsense


  • And the sell order is up. Thanks to all the potential investors.

  • First is there is alot mining asset already.
    Second Is there any mining power going on atm.
    When and what's the dividends payment schedule.
    Are you going to get verified if you are already that's my bad..

    After what we went throw with cc are you going to have an escrow setup at all.

  • @newsense2004 are you verified?

  • @skyline_king88 @stupendelious I'm talking to @haitch now about verification.

  • Payment schedule will be added to the OP once I get enough feedback. I personally like bigger monthly or bi-weekly payments but I know a lot of people like smaller weekly payments.

  • @stupendelious Verification initiated.

  • @newsense2004 already buying it xD

  • @HiDevin Thanks for your vote in confidence.

  • @newsense2004 You should do weekly payments ^_^

  • @HiDevin I will take that into consideration. Seems most people like weekly. I like big monthly lumps myself.

  • We really like multiple weekly payouts.

  • Also I disagree to that their are too many mining assets. IMO their really a real small handful of "professionally" run mining assets.

  • Also IMO, this asset is already off to an extremely poor start. You didn't even introduce yourself, you have given zero information, and the shares are already up for sale. Their is massive gap between mining assets like UniBurst/SoCal to others. If you want to be in that top group your going to have to come with way better.
    A million questions pop to my mind but I'm not going to ask as you should already know at least 20 of them I might ask. I wish you luck and hope to see something good. We need another rock solid mining asset.

  • @Dillion I myself like mining assets, Had to dump a few due to conflicts of interest and why I decided to start one. My buy order seems to be stalled but i'm investing myself in the actual asset and the mining hardware.

  • @Dillion I thought most people knew me and didn't want to base the asset on my reputation alone. Others have done that and most of them have vanished. I will add a little here but not to my OP as I want to keep it all business.

  • My name is Matt, I have been involved in Burst for almost a year. I am a 32 year old father of 2. I'm from Chicago, currently living in the South Suburbs. I enjoy tech, movies, and video games.

  • you should erase this thread and start a pre launch thread. Their you can us all the information on what your currently mining with etc, and we can ask all our questions.

  • @Dillion All questions are welcome right here. Assets have been sold already, this asset is live.

  • I'd like to thank everyone who believed in the asset. We are only a couple hours in and the way it's looking we will be ordering a few TB HDD tomorrow.