[ Solved ] HDD with letter B, cause error trying to found the plots.

  • Hello guys!

    I had an old HDD, with ( 4TB ) plotted. The thing is, this morningi ploted another HDD, all was right and correctly, but apparently, the wallet just detect my old HDD, and the new one seems like dont found the plots on him.

    Someone know how to add that plots or how to refresh the wallet, to found the new plots?

    Bdw, the old hdd was plotted with another version of the wallet, and with another v of the plotter for sure.

    This new hdd, was plotted with the new wallet v0.3.9.2 and admin mode.

    So.. guys did u know what exactly happends, or how can i do to make the wallet find the new hdd with the plots?

    Thanks you!

  • @IIOBrocker Mostly, The new drive mostly have drive (A or 😎 change it to something different (E, F, ..etc).
    If that's not the problem, please post a screenshot to know how to guide you in proper way.

  • Hey man! You was totally right. The letter of the HDD was B. Set it hours ago, cuz the HDD name was BURST, and i thought, "ow damn, what letter can be better for this HDD than B?"

    So yeah man, thanks you a lot for the fast reply and the nice knowledge u had!

    Thanks a lot, have a great day @rnahlawi !

  • @IIOBrocker Glad to help .. Go nail those blocks ... Happy Bursting 🙂

  • @IIOBrocker Drive letter B is common associated with floppys in windows, so your problem with drive B was probably related to that 😉