Problems over here - Selling Some of my Assets Cheaper than AE

  • So guys, everyone knows that I've lost a lot with NEWS asset, and some close friends lost it too by my fault.

    The thing is: One of this friends is on a health trouble, and I'm selling my assets a bit Cheaper to make the money and help him out.

    I'm not asking for anyone donate, its not the case, but I'm selling assets cheaper, so I'm making this post more to show an opportunity to the folks than buy low - sell high. Its not extremely cheap, but its more than it is now.

    Thanks everyone for all the chats, but now more than ever I'll have to be off of this amazing community.

    What I'm selling is:
    Burstaker at 40
    Burstcombo at 45
    Bursteam at 70
    BurstMC at 45
    Ibmining at 43
    StupentAsset at 100
    Worldmine at 93

    Thanks for the attention.

  • Ah, I'm putting my left Bsilver at 76 too.

  • sorry for your loss and sad to see you go.. I will check these assets out and let you know if i can get any.

  • @qibucks Thanks Lady. Wish you all the best.

  • @JotaJota you too i hope you don't leave us for good..

  • @qibucks I'll keep half dozen of assets. Maybe if Burst reach high levels one day, I'll have some. But for now, I need to help my friend. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Hate to see you go and yes hold onto some assets and Burst just in case. Also,check in from time to time. 🙂

  • Sad to see you leave, but I understand the predicament. Anyway, will look forward to seeing you again in the future. I bought some of your Bsilver shares by the way, thanks for offering them at that price.

  • @JotaJota Sad to see you leave but i hope we still enjoy your company from time to time... I'm liquidity short atm otherwise i would buy some from you 😉

  • @JotaJota I really hope you'll come back someday bro ! Take care of you and of your friend, wish all the best to the great person you are

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words guys. i'll keep a small amount of assets just in case. But the majority is still selling at the AE. My friend needs some specific exams, that are not cheap. Hope everything ends well. Thanks everyone that's buying! Wish you all the best!