Newbie Question? How can I find out if i am connected to my mining pool?

  • I have been searching though this forum.. It is great btw, trying to learn everything I can. I am mining with 500gb att and am going to a bigger HDD soon. Everything looks correct from the info I have found in this forum. But I am not earning except from the faucets. I am getting confirmed DLs, not a whole lot but some, but not receiving anything. I am in pool. and was wondering if someone there can help me make sure I am actually doing I do know that being a small set up it will take some time. but it has been about 48hrs and nothing. so I don't know if i am actually connected to the pool or what? Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

  • Try to go to smaller pools, with your 500gb you are in high competition against 100 other Miners in the pool, so your shares are very less. So dont except high pays. Lovley regards

  • thank you. will be setting up a larger HDD in the coming weeks.