mining software / pools

  • Hello, while testing catbref v2 pool code I notice there's a LOT of wasted mining submissions at the pool.

    Have you checked your miner config file for optimum settings?

    I see tons of submissions where the deadlines are above the pool's maximum deadline threshold of 86400.
    There's no point sending these as they don't ever count towards any pool reward.
    Do you use mining software that only sends deadlines below the pool threshold?

    Miner software writers: does your software support pool maximum deadlines?

    The v1 pool code also supports miners passing the block height in the submitNonce JSON so it can report back if you're mining the wrong block (or if the pool is stuck)!

    I'm making the error messages more useful for v2 to help people get the most out of their mining.

    For most blocks mined at, about 70 nonces submitted are below the deadline threshold but about 1,000 (ONE THOUSAND) are discarded with errors!

  • The v1 pool source code (java) could do with a update, maybe add a validation executable thats written in c/c++ for the shabal side, it would use less ram and be able to dedicate more time to checking then waiting for the wallet to respond with a deadline...