Trying to understand Payouts.

  • How do I calculate how much I would actually receive?

    My miner name is Pyramid and in this instance, I have a number for the "reward" at 476.29 - but how much do I actually receive ... and when would I expect to receive that reward?

    0_1488915987391_Payout Question.jpg

  • @gwagner If the pool were to hit a block you would receive that much. If someone else hits it, you don't receive it. You get paid out usually every 300 burst earned or every 24 hours, depends on the pool.

  • @gwagner What rapidfireman is correct however as well as that regardless of whether the Pool wins the Block that amount is added to a 50 Block rolling average as a basis for the Historic Share Reward shown on the RHS display. That amount is paid out in addition to the Current Share when a Block is hit by the Pool