BTFG Burst Pool: The Pool for Small Miners

  • Is this pool down? when you browse it does not show the correct site and last couple days when I try to mine the CMD prompt just sits and does nothing.

  • @Jason83 I the meantime, you could mine at my pool, It is very similar to btfg, and you will get similar payouts.

  • @kev626 Ok thank you! So I guess that means I am not mistaken and BTFG is down.

  • @Jason83 yes. They are down.

  • @Jason83 said in BTFG Burst Pool: The Pool for Small Miners: please update us on pool , I'm still waiting for pool to be up .

  • Did the pool get ddosed? I've been seen people on the other forums grumping about the pool being down. I was getting ddosed really hard yesterday, it only knocked me out for about an hour. Here my blacklisted IPs.

  • sorry for the inconvenience, I was having personal computer issues, and during that time the vps went down hard, and I had not given anyone the command line prompts to restart that from scratch :/ Ive rectified that issue, pool is up and running again

  • @Valareos Awesome I see it is back up! Thank you!

  • Pretty sure it is down again. :(

  • @Valareos Hello Bryan

    I have been leaving messages for you on several forums. Your a difficult person to get hold of. Anyway the reason why is I mistakenly transferred 7137 OGBurst assets to your BTFG pool wallet BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX and Im hoping you will do the right thing and forward it on to me my wallet is BURST-BQD2-AZL5-VVHN-EFYM6. Please.

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