Strange Jminer error

  • getting the following error when trying to add plot paths to

    2017-03-07 21:33:27.485 WARN 3728 --- [ networkPool-1] b.j.c.n.t.NetworkRequestMiningInfoTask : Unable to get mining info from wallet: For input string: "dropbox6"

    I do not have dropbox installed on the miner and never did...
    I'm stumped on this one,

    Is there a limit to the number of drives you can have in jminer??

  • let's try to mention @luxe and see what he says

  • admin

    @iKnow0 jminer requests '/burst?requestType=getMiningInfo' from pool url, if why ever the pool response is 'dropbox6' ... there is nothing the miner can do, than reporting the response.

    There is no drive limit.

  • @iKnow0 solved, there was an issue with one of the plot filenames.