Raspberry Pi Projects

  • So I have a few Raspberry Pis and I haven't really played with them until recently, I love these things!!!!

    Anyone have any cool projects they have done with theirs?

    I just have my Raspberry Pis crunching research data for BOINC and running some USB miners. In a day or two I'll be getting my Raspberry Pi Zero W and I will be turning that into a WiFi Extender for the far side of my house.

    I'll also be looking into utilizing a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a Burst Node, It only has 512 MB of RAM so it's doubtful but I figured if it does work that'd be an awesome and economical project for community members.

  • Has anyone made a miner for ARM yet? would be super happy to have my pi running as my dedicated burst - all of my plots are on external HDD anyways

  • @LeG3NdArYPhiL it's far too slow to read large plots so anything over 1TB would take forever and you wouldn't get valid DLs submitted and confirmed before the next block

  • @socal I was planning on grabbing a few zeros, mounting a 128gb sd and mining from a few of them, seems like a good idea on paper, it has 512 mb of ram, so around 256mb to use for mining, which if you combined the GPU on the arm im sure you could use it to mine plots cheaply (10watts I think per board).

    These are ideal candidates for mining cheaply, so 1 zero = £5 (£1 postage) + a 128gb sd + 40.99 for the sd card but until burst starts to rise, the ROI on the miner would be a long time away, so probably not worth it unless you plan to buy say 60 of them, but then its cheaper to run a pc with a few tb.

  • @Hect0r I dunno if it's possible to utilize the ARM GPUs on Raspberry Pis to mine plots. I think this is a question for @Blago and @dawallet. What I do plan on doing is getting another Pi Zero W and turning that into a Full Node. I might test it on the one I'm getting tomorrow but that one is earmarked for WiFi Extender duty.

  • @socal It is doable, I dont know arm asm otherwise I would do it, I know PowerPc, ill see if I can setup some time after I finish my current project to have a look into it and learn some arm, but again anyone else wanting to do this then the cpu/qpu code would involve compiling via this : https://github.com/hermanhermitage/videocoreiv-qpu

    And writing your own shabal routine.

  • @Hect0r dude that was all gibberish to me I'm a coding/Linux n00b so any chance you could point me to some learning resources so I can understand wtf you just said lol

  • @socal lol your not a ne0phyte, you use linux 🙂

    What it means is, the QPU cores (CPU/GPU Cores) can be accessed via lower level languages such as assembler, here is a bitcoin sha256 example by the same guy :


    He explains alot about the setup and I think he labeled his code, Ive had that link a while now just thought I would share it 🙂

  • @Hect0r ahhhh ok well I think you should get with @Blago to get together and figure it out and if successful I will give each of you a 1000 share bounty of my asset. (these will be paid from my personally owned shares)

  • @socal id do it for free, as I would like to be able to use these things as they're £4 each, I already asked on the rpi forums for a wholesale supply and they are able to do it, the only thing that is holding me back is the communication bewteen the node (rpi zero) and the gateway (main pi) that distributes the block update, I have a theory that a USB ssh session would work, other wise there is also this little thing (which is 4x the price, plus for me uk shipping)


    It has wifi, which would make it easy'er to mine with, but again the price is too much lol

  • @Hect0r the new Raspberry Pi Zero W that just came out has onboard WiFi......no ethernet or dongles needed....so you shouldn't need a gateway....why would you even do that? That seems like a needless bottleneck to me.

  • @socal That I didnt know haha ! thanks for the new update, havent been on the rpi forums for a bit, but wise of way would say do it the cheap way, so id probably just in and do the zero 1 first, as I dont expect a wholesale value from the w just yet as so many people will want them they will sell out.

    Im actually excited to write this, but I cannot just yet I need to finish off other projects 😕 if bursts value goe's up a bit more then it will be worth it, I have a raspberry pi 2 (B, and B+) so I I can port code from these two.

    The zero is 1gh/z and the new w is 1.0gz too, on a single core, these things could probably mine and finish around 64gb plots, at 256mb files within 10/15 seconds, more than enough time to submit etc !

  • The orange pi 2 plus is alot faster the the raspberry pi.

    It has fast gpu and cpu and 2gb ram only thing sucks it it has alot less support then the raspberry.
    I am running orangeretropi on myour normal orange pi pc.

    I have been thinking if there was a way to run a wallet in armBain well playing retro pi but I think it shuts armband desktop down.