How to get 12tb from amazon.. for 31$$$$$$$$$$

  • Recently i ordered an 8tb wd MY BOOK ... great little harddrive will be my second.. (209$$)

    1. it did not ship right away and being prime had me slightly concerned (4 business days to ship not including transit)
    2. what arrived was a 4tb WD MYBOOK... ( obviously not what i ordered or paid for)

    I call them up to complain... they offer me a 50$ coupon to use at next check out.. I politely refuse and ask for the 50$ sent back to my card. They politely refuse me of that and say they have to call me back within the hour.

    They never call back

    Now i call up a little mad complaining about the shipping the price the robot picking the wrong item and the drone not catching the mistake mid delivery mid air .. i was fuming practically making stuff up..

    The very nice lady without much hesitation tells me to keep the 4TB.. and she will refund me 178$$$ for the the 8tb and has no intention of stopping the delivery of the replacement 8tb

    she tells me she would have refunded me the entirety of the order but for some reason her computer system wouldnt let her.

    I was in shock and agreed to it before she changed her mind...

    So i paid 31 dollars for 12tb wd mybooks WTF! hahaha

    i ❤ amazon

  • @darindarin That's awesome! BOOM! Boom...and all that!

  • @Vneck i still cant believe it.. funniest part is my roommate asked me if i was selling it..

    I said " hell no this baby is about to get plotted."

    he says, " you have issues"

    i agree and start plotting

  • Hahahahaha 1st world Burst problems. lololol


    Checking my emails. Amazon said they tried to call me back and couldnt reach me and they credited my account 31 dollars!!!! Which makes sense why the second customer service agent couldnt refund the whole amount.

    I got all TBs at NO COST!

    This turned my week around for sure!

  • that's a great story 🙂

  • @darindarin Even Steven...

  • Free hard drives? #winning

  • @darindarin I have 32TBs on the way .. Hope the'll do the same with me 😉

  • @darindarin Want to go halves on a lottery ticket?

  • Great story...had me smiling. To be honest, I have Amazon Prime and NEVER had an order arrive in the 2 days shipping that is promised. Just never complained, so what can I say?