Failover Online Wallet Server & Wallet change request

  • Hello guys,
    Before everyone freaks out, yes I'm mainly on Burstnation and usualy only here to read.

    I'm not here to poke a bear or cause any harm to anyone I just have 2 suggestions and I hope they gets seen by the right people. @administrators @daWallet

    As you guys probably noticed too is the downtime of Haitch's Cluster causing in my opinion massive issues for Burst in general.

    I don't want to talk about how you run your servers and everything thats up to you.

    But since the online Wallet from @daWallet is depending on many ways on @haitch's cluster I would like ask if it would be possible for you to setup a failover wallet in a different location (not on the same network) that in case you're under attack or whatever, not everyone who relies on the Online Wallet is kinda screwed. So what I would like to achive is at least 1 of your online Wallet's that is currently on your server would be moved over to a VPS , Dedicated Server or whatever just incase if one of them goes down, there is still one up and everything can continue. I'm sure you're kinda busy right now doing a lot of stuff but I think it would be worth it to take a couple minutes to do this. Might that be possible for you?

    @daWallet, you might have noticed that i forked your github yesterday the online Wallets to different ones, I don't want to backstab you or anything I've done this to make this to have something where people can at least do transactions and stuff until the network issues are fixed. I don't really want to takeover your work or anything as I'm not really experienced in Delphi and I understand that you might not want to put a Burstnation online Wallet in your wallet. Might it be possible to move the Online Wallet Server configuration to the properties file instead of hardcoding it? So that everyone can decide to use other Online Wallets then the Burst team once as example their own hosted once (as they trust them more then anyone else) or whatever?

    I hope its possible to work something out to please the entire Burst Network and everyone can be using Burst and be happy.



  • https wallet here offered by a forum member..

  • @Menaxerius said in Failover Online Wallet Server & Wallet change request:

    I don't want to talk about how you run your servers and everything thats up to you.

    You may not have read that it is under DDoS attack.

    It depends on the strength of the attack no matter how you manage your servers. You will not be able to stop it and more if as it seems you can not use services like couldflare, as it is what there is.

    Let's hope the funny one gets tired soon, but I do not think he will stop until he gets what he wants.

    What I do not understand is that if the aio @daWallet is used because the local wallet is not used and in step it helps the network I think

  • admin

    @Menaxerius Thanks for providing a failover, just a few points, to not confuse users ... @daWallet's Windows AIO Client is NOT the Burst Wallet! It contains it. Maybe it would be good if users understand the difference.
    The Burst Wallet can be found here:

    Using online-wallets can be useful, but i highly suggest, never do it with a main account! It is by far more save to use wallet local.

    In General for ALL:
    Always ensure you trust the one running a online-wallet and the ones that provide Burst related Software ... before you use it. Think twice before you enter your BURST password somewhere 🙂

  • @luxe what this man said 😉 dont be lazy and use local wallet, both helping network and staying safe 🙂
    Never trust any software whose source cant be vouched by people understanding coding (you never know what surprises might be hidden). And in general being a bit paranoid on internet is in best interest 😃

  • admin

    @Menaxerius , thanks for the post.

    The AIO relies on an online wallet as long as the local is not synced or not starting for whatever reasons. I'm not a big supporter of online wallets in general as I expressed many times. There are known security and centralization issues BUT I see the advantages for not so tech savvy users who want to get started fast and easy.

    Until this week we had never such connection issues for such a long time and I'm going to improve the client at some points in usability for such cases. A synced local wallet is all what users actually need.

    I had the plans for "Options" in the AIO to change the local port and online wallet address before the ddos attack. Also to deactivate the Online Wallet completely. Actually nobody from Burstnation approached me to add their online wallets but also I wouldn't do it by default.
    The reason is simple: I won't ship software in my name to thousands of people with third party wallets I can't check for integrity. I don't know how their setup is, how many people have access to them and so on. So the fork is actually a good way to release an altered version with your own responsibility. Just make sure to comply the license.

    @luxe is right: the AIO is not the core wallet but it includes it and many other useful software. It is explained in several locations.

    @Lexicon It is grown code and the coding style is very mixed. I haven't been coding for a long time before I started the Win Client to support this project. Burst was at a $ 70'000 Market Capitalization with no active developer. Focus has always been on functionality, usability and debugging - not code poetry. Old but working code can be replaced by elegant functions when it gets closer to version 1.0 . This is not my full time job or profession.

  • @daWallet said in Failover Online Wallet Server & Wallet change request:

    A synced local wallet is all what users actually need.

    Burst needs local wallets too. Would it be possible to automaticaly deactivate the online wallet, when the local one is in sync?

  • admin

    @Daforce the local wallet starts always with the AIO Client if there is java installed.

  • @daWallet i know. What I mean is, that the online wallet option should only be available, as long as the local wallet is not in sync. If the local wallet is 100% synced, you can only use the local wallet. So that online wallets only have a kickstarter/backup role.

  • I would love to use a local wallet, if he worked...
    I already tried and "Clean DB", and downloaded the latest database is still syncing never ends, and the database size grows to around 9 Gb.

    I would like to know how many people here, who normally works the local wallet?

  • I always work with the local wallet without problem.

    At first it gave me some problem but no longer, I work with the last AIO and what I always do is start it as administrator, from that moment I have not given more problems with the synchronization, that if I download the file that is there, if Not if it takes a week to download

  • admin

    @Energy It uses only one core to download the blockchain after many complains from users. Now user have the decision at the first start up to sync with all cores or with one core.

  • what would be cool is a pool wallet that knows when it is forked or stuck then tries to restart or call 911 j/k maybe a cell phone alert.
    Just some thoughts! <<<< sorry wrong subject

    I agree some kind of choice basically anything to keep it away from 1 server. Decentralized maybe?

  • @daWallet Already but still if you lower the BD from 0 is still taking a lot, it is better to download the one that is here shared and to start from there.

    Anyway I am one of those who think that you should remove the online wallet that you want to use that uses them from the browser

  • admin

    @Energy Yes, I am considering to release the client without the online wallet, too. But suggest people to download the database from one location is against the whole idea of decentralization.

    @tross the observer from luxe does not call you but sends a mail to you.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • i been using the AIO from my start in burst and always had issues with local side of it, last week i scraped it and downloaded the 1.2.8 stand alone did some minor tweaking in the config file and could not be more happy it is rock solid compared to the AIO all of my network issues vanished as soon as i went true local wallet.

  • I finally managed to run a local wallet!
    I downloaded from here:

    Although he did not start the first time.
    The problem was the antivirus (blocks run.bat).
    I tried to run the file with disabled antivirus and it worked. After running antivirus all continues to work.
    Database data quickly synced, and its size is about 5 GB. I'm happy 🙂

  • @daWallet It would be really nice if you would ad an indicator which would show the state of db. lets say it would show how much more it needs to download. I like to synchronize the wallet without downloading it but it takes ages to do so and i cant know if something went wrong...

  • admin

    @potkas the latest versions have an indicator how much percent is missing. The download itself is not taking so long - it is the processing of each block that needs more time and CPU usage.

  • @daWallet for some reason couldnt figure out the email thing but will look again.