Glad to see the forums are working again, congratz on beating them.

  • Question though, Is the wallat system still down? I use the Burt Client for windows.

  • probably not but if you want to run a local wallet instead of relying on the online wallet just download the blockchain db extract the contents to your burst_db folder in /users/roaming/appdata/BurstWallet and make sure you have java updated and the local wallet should work

    an alternate method is to after you extract the db, right click on the run.bat (batch file) in /users/roaming/appdata/BurstWallet and run it as administrator it will open a java cmd-looking window and you will see the Burst client start up and then it will stop on "Genesis Block is in the DB" or something like that it will stay there for awhile while Burst rescans and validates the DB which should only take 10-15 mins but possibly longer depending on your computer specs and when it says "Finished connecting to 2 well known peers" just minimize the window open your browser and go to voila you now have a running local wallet

  • @socal said in Glad to see the forums are working again, congratz on beating them.:

    run it as administrator

    oh fm, I think you just solved my issue. Thank you

  • @socalguy np bud im here to help, you always want to run everything as admin I run the xplotter, blago, and the run batch all as admin lol

  • Guys it may be stupid what im saying. But until this forum was down i just went to look on burst nation and found something about the online wallet. I dont like to go there as i do not want to support them because of this attacks they are doing.
    But what i was reading, was something about they finally agreed with dawalet(i could misspell hes name so sorry) to ad a possibility to the wallet to chose which online wallet they want to use. They wanted to use their own burst nation one.
    so couldn't it cause our issues ? I mean my online wallet wont start only the local .

  • @potkas, @jstoner82 this is getting ridiculous now. its gotten to the stage where if anythhing happens here they get the immediate blame.

    first off we are not at war. theres nothing to gain from a fight and everything to lose. so i dont know who we have "beaten" as such

    how about innocent until proven guilty?

    first its the rain.. next its ddos. then suddenly its wind! please stop with the finger pointing. its sad to see


    theres no way changes to the aio wallet could cause problems to the wallet here. they aint linked like that.

    the option to have multiple wallets in the aio wallet is a much better idea. so having burstnations as well as burst-teams allows for a failover as such

    they have nothing to gain from doing an attack. it would only harm the coin as a whole and would be a stupid move. it makes zero sense for them to do something like this cause not only does it damage the coin. if they did do this it would also damage there image.

  • @Lexicon I also think that without proof you can not accuse but not for the reasons that you expose.

    Personal example I worked in the construction one day appeared a concrete company lowering the prices to levels that the others could not support and when he was alone and without competition he wanted to charge even for the bills that already made some levels of that if between paper And ink costs you 1 dollar to make the invoice they wanted to charge 5 dollars.

    In this last world crisis many people predio a lot or I lost everything but also many people won a lot.

    Since always when someone goes wrong someone else is doing well and that is one thing and another is to accuse someone without specific evidence although I may also have my suspicions or not

  • No finger pointing or blame games, just glad everything is back up online and working again.